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Thursday, October 09, 2003
Camino sucks. Camino really sucks. I had almost finished a very nice posting for my weblog, and then I hit some obscure keys on the keyboard, and Camino goes back in the browser history. When I go back (forward, actually) again, all my text is vanished! All hail Safari, Camino burn in hell, even when the non-lo-fi interface of Blogger.com doesn't work with Safari.

Anyway, today I fully listened to the "no code" album by Pearl Jam, which I bought two days ago. It really rocks, and it contains songs that I previously only knew from the "live on two legs" album or the "touring band 2000" DVD. Very nice, indeed.

Tomorrow, 3 Feet Smaller will have their very first concert of the "Punk is dead and we killed it" tour 2003 at Posthof in Linz. I'm already excited, since I have seen them only 10 times so far and the last time was less than two months ago. ;-) After that tour, they will go to studio, recording their third album.
Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Work can be fun. Yes, indeed. Work is especially fun when one has achieved something big (at work), or finished some work that took a long time. I currently have this feeling, somehow, that work is fun. Of course, work is only fun when it doesn't too much of a day's time. This is really interesting. Until, I think, a few months ago, work began to get boring and exhausting. But now: gone. Of course, I never work much longer than expected from me. I really do not want to completely exhaust myself just for work. Don't interpret this as me being lazy. I do my share of work. And the right dose of work is fun. Most of the time, at least.
Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Getting EUR 100,-- "for free" to spend them on a bunch of DVDs and CDs is fun. :-)
Thursday, October 02, 2003
As time goes by...

Finally, the paper about LDAP that I had to write at work is (mostly) finished, which makes me really glad, since now I can work on other things, which makes work much more interesting and enjoyable. Last weekend, I've been out with some friends, but then met some foreign students, whom I joined. I was out until, I don't know, 5 am, and I was kinda wasted at the end. Well, anyway, 'twas great fun, meeting new people. And even better when you met them the next day, too. ;-)

Unfortunately, I didn't really have a lot of time to continue work on my NIDS, which should be finished in a few weeks, at least before 20C3, so that I have something that I can work on and that I can present in the one or another way (no, definitely not a 1-hour presentation).

On tuesday (I think), I bought a really nice record, called "live in Mexiko" by the famous (muhahaha) Austrian band Heinz. It's a live album (as it says in the title), but they didn't play it in Mexico (they shout "Good evening, Munich!" after the first song), and, well, catchy melodies, funny and interesting lyrics, which somehow remind me of the old Tocotronic lyrics. Not so abstract as the newer ones, but instead telling some kind of story or just ranting about something. I especially like Hardrock Cafe. I will try to translate the lyrics:

Saturday evening in the Hardrock Cafe
my eyes hurt and my ears
you all lost because you're here

The idea with the T-shirts
I don't find it OK
But you're running around with them proud
I'm getting sick when I see you

In every city of this world
You stand there like appointed
and you don't even notice
that the hardrock is missing from this cafe

Wow. A great rant about that Hardrock Cafe stuff.

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