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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Work is tiresome, especially when you don't really like it. Nevertheless, it has to be done, and greater times will come. This both applies to my "real" work, and to the stuff I'm currently doing for the cinderella rewrite. Especially the dynamic loader stuff is not very interesting, but has to be done, hopefully today. Then the module management, and the configuration file handling should be refined (currently, it's really, really, really ugly, I should've better taken libowfat functions), and then the first tests can be done. I'm already excited, because the whole piece of software will have been rewritten and translated from Ruby to C without ever testing it at least once during the rewrite phase. I bet that it will horribly crash the first time I start it. Yeah, that's going to be fun! ;-) Anyway, more than a week ago, I thought that the rewrite would take me 5 days. And I was wrong. ;-) But that's how software development works, you say a time that you think you will need, and then you need longer, a lot longer than expected.
Sunday, September 21, 2003
On friday, I've been to the demonstration against software patents in Vienna. About 300 other people have been there, too. It's been really great, and the paranoia of the Austrian patent office was really funny: there was security personell, watching what we were doing, and all names on the front door were replaced by "K. Mustermann" (comparable to something like "John Doe").
Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Finally, I got my nightvision device. It's pretty cool, and works extremely well. I think I will test it more thoroughly at the weekend. Today I also continued rewriting cinderella in C. I already have 600 lines of C code, which was easily translated. When I continue my work in the next few days, I think I'll be finished by the end of the week (hopefully). And then: bugsquashing! ;-)
Monday, September 15, 2003
After about two hours of hacking, I have 300 lines of C code for the cinderella rewrite finished. Writing a bigger program in C after quite some time is really fun, and this time, I preprocess all the dirty and ugly stuff, simply to have it accessible more easily and to save some processing time. What was this song again? "Pascal won't quite cut it, write in C" and "PL/1 is 80's, write in C". Yeah, I write in C, I'm a real man. ;-)

Tomorrow, hacking will continue. I hope that I'll be able to begin with all the interesting TCP-related stuff. :-) That was fun when i wrote it in Ruby, and it will be even more fun, now in C.
Today, I decided to stop the cinderella prototype, and rewrite cinderella in C. I hope this will be fun and an interesting work. Usual C problems will arise. Hooray! ;-) I think I will use libowfat to get cinderella small and fast. Anyway, this will be my very first that I translate/rewrite a relatively huge amount in code from a very high-level language (Ruby) to a relatively low-level language (C). I hope I will collect some experience regarding "object oriented programming in C", which would be a nice topic for a lecture next year. What I'm still thinking about is integrating cinderella into the snort engine, but it looks like a lot of work, so I think I will first stick to my own engine, and try to optimize it by myself.
Sunday, September 14, 2003
I just ordered a very nifty toy: a nightvision device. Lomo sells the ELF nightvision device for only EUR 125,- at their website, and I just had to buy one. Unfortunately, delivery takes 7 to 10 workdays. :-/

lomo elf nightvision device
Saturday, September 13, 2003
Regarding separators: what I was searching for was the NSSplitView. Finally, I found out how to use them. Not too difficult, after all.

Right now, I also found Tocotronics's cover version of "Sailor Man" (originally by Turbonegro) as mp3 file. Nice.
Yes, finally the totally right settings for Terminal.app to get the most out of it:
I just played around with Mac OS X's Interface Builder, trying to build the prototype for a newsreader. But the type of control I was searching for doesn't seem to exist. I want these kind of separators that you can slide around, just like in Finder's column view. Am I just to stupid, or is this control not available to normal Interface Builder users?
Friday, September 12, 2003
The end of summer sucks. Especially when it's getting colder, and colder, and colder. And a little bit rainy. I really hate that. I wish it was warm again. I really enjoyed the summer, when the city was heated up, and when it was really warm even in the night. Sometimes it was too hot, e.g. in Berlin, in the beginning of August. It was so hot that all you could do was siesta. On the other side, winter sucks even more. Winter sucks so much that even a band wrote a song about it.
I just moved my blog from advogato to blogspot.com. advogato doesn't really have any features. This just meant for me to give it up, and to move to another blogging site. Let's see how blogspot.com will be.

I just got the information that my normal webserver will be up this weekend. Hopefully. When it is, I think I have to evaluate b2, how this piece of software behaves. But in the meantime: blogging with blogspot.com.

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